Energy storage devices, capacitors, to fuel cell technology, ATC Automation has delivered solutions for prismatic, and cylindrical cells and batteries components connecting power to tactile form.   Full lines utilizing Laser, ultrasonic, vibration welding no assembly and test challenge is likely outside our capacity to solve your manufacturing challenge.

The market for energy storage devices that are high- capacity, high-performance and lightweight is massive and growing. Whether it’s batteries to power mobile phones, stabilize electrical grids, or drive hybrid automotives, your customers demand exceptional quality from their power cell. ATC Automation can design and manufacture assembly and testing solutions that exceed your customers’ demand for ESD products and energize the world.

ATC Automation has the ability and experience to design and build innovative cell and battery manufacturing systems. From a simple integration into your current system to a complete “factory in a box,” ATC Automation can provide a solution for your battery manufacturing needs. We can develop systems and processes to manufacture most batteries, including lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium and other chemistry combinations, as well as fuel cells that power the communications and transportation industries, and improve the lives of individuals worldwide.

“It is rare to experience the level of compatibility and professionalism that I have with ATC Automation.”
—- Manufacturing Engineer, Leading Global Battery Manufacturer


Precise Fill and Measure


Robotic Plate “Stack and Wrap”

Intelligent Measure and Manufacture


The Right Mix

ATC Automation systems produce high-quality cells and batteries with long-term storage capability. These systems incorporate welding, electrolyte fill and test, cell leak testing, and detection.

We have the ability to manufacture systems that can handle many types and sizes of metal and chemistry combinations, prismatic or cylindrical cells, and battery assembly.

In addition, ATC Automation has developed standardized solutions for several different processes in the battery/cell manufacturing process.

Whatever the mix, ATC Automation can make it RIGHT!