Leadership Putnam group gets trash cans on Rail Trail

Thanks to the efforts of a local group, there are now trash cans at different areas of the Rail Trail.

A group of Leadership Putnam members worked over the last few months to secure those trash cans.

“With the Rail Trail being so widely traversed, receptacles were a need,” Brandon Parrish, a member of the Leadership Putnam committee, said. “Our group’s project worked with the Leisure Services Department to make sure the logistics of our idea was feasible, to provide the vendor that carries receptacles and enlist sponsors for the receptacles, which is a permanent sponsorship.”

There are seven containers along the 4.2 mile trail that begins at the Cookeville Depot and ends at the Algood ball fields. One side is for trash, the other for recyclables.

Group members Jim Darter, Craig Hughes, Brenda Hughett, Parrish, and Celeste Gammon called companies and organizations to sponsor each receptacle.

The containers were purchased from a third party vendor.

“Algood picks up the trash at the receptacle located at Trinity Assembly while the City of Cookeville picks up the remaining ones,” Gammon said.

Sponsors include Trinity Algood, New Day Properties, Chick fil A, Tennessee Tech University’s student sustainability fee, Wilson Bank & Trust, ATC and Rotary.

Posted Sunday, March 11, 2018


Standing around one of the new trash cans, from left, are Jenny Jackson Spurlock, director of Leadership Putnam; Brandon Parrish, Rotary and Leadership Putnam member; (back) Sam Glasgow, Rail Trail Authority member; Celeste Gammon, Leadership Putnam member; (back) Jim Darter, Leadership Putnam; Brenda Hughett, Leadership Putnam; (back) Kirk Dyer, Algood mayor; Gene Bressler, ATC; Chandra Woodiel, Wilson Bank & Trust; (back) DeLayne Miller, TTU student sustainability fee; Natasha Calhoun, Chick-fil-A; (back) Tony Gammon, New Day Properties; and Jeremy Williams, Trinity Algood.