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Consumer Case Study

consumer case studyATC Automation has over four decades of experience providing automated solutions to consumer products manufacturers to help meet the growing demand.

When selected by a market leader to build and install a fully automatic system to assemble a residential electrical product, ATC provided a solution that was capable of a number of assemblies at a high rate of speed. The system consists of two cam-based chassis. The subassembly of this multi-component product begins on an eight-station Weiss rotary assembly dial.  The subassembly is transported to a Stelron precision link conveyor where the final assembly and test is completed. The system is integrated with a variety of parts feeders, intelligent torque drivers, precision dispensing and welding.  Quality checks are performed throughout the process using sensors and camera vision systems.

When the assembly is complete and all quality checks are verified, the assemblies are fed directly to a third-party packaging system.  The assemblies are kitted and boxed by the packaging system.  An ATC supplied palletizing system uses a Fanuc robot to stack boxes onto a pallet.  ATC Automation’s solution enabled our customer to meet growing market demands and is why ATC is at the forefront of innovation and industry metrics.