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Data Management

Data Management has become a standard practice across all industries.  From FDA validation for a medical device assembly serialization or birth certificate, to product traceability on an automotive component; ATC Automation has a solution.  We offer a custom approach to data management, tailored to our customers needs and preferences.  Rather than fit the requirements into a standard platform, a custom solution is integrated between the customer’s organization and the assembly equipment.

ATC has developed a full data management system based on a SQL database. This system can be placed on an ATC provided factory floor server or on a customer’s main server system.  This comprehensive system offers Active Build management, an integrated solution between the equipment controls and the database. It ensures the product completes all the required assembly steps and quality checks.  The information is tracked with the serial number of the product and can be referenced in the future.  Data for each process is collected and can include but is not limited to Torque and Angle, Press Forces, Leak Rates, and attribute data.  This system also controls Setup Data when a mixed model assembly line is required.  Lot tracking is available to tie the lots of incoming material to the specific serial number of the product.  Pre-formatted reports are also available such as Product Assembly Reports, Reject Analysis, Process Report, Lot Reports, and Shift Reports containing Cycle Times, top failures, faults, OEE, etc.

For the ultimate in data management, we offer full integration into a Sciemetric QualtyWorx system.  This system offers full traceability with an extensive waveform analysis and a predictive quality control system.  Sciemetric and ATC Automation are both part of the TASI family, allowing us to be an unmatched total solution provider.

We also offer integration to third party data management systems. ATC Automation can customize our control system to communicate with any upper level system so that data integrity remains high between our equipment and the customer’s current corporate solution.  We also have experience integrating into a customer’s proprietary system, from simple data tracking to full traceability and flexible machine sequencing.