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Machine Vision

Industrial Vision Systems have become invaluable tools to meet a wide array of industrial needs.  Whether performing product inspection, component identification, or facilitating guidance of a specific machine task, the use of machine vision ensures both the efficiency and quality of the production process.  While human vision is best suited for qualitative decision making, machine vision systems offer unparalleled speed and consistency when assessing repetitive manufacturing processes without sacrificing precision or accuracy over time.  The flexibility of Integrated Vision Systems provides peace of mind that each machine application can be updated and adapted when confronted with evolving product development.  

At ATC Automation, we draw from our experience to offer eloquent machine vision solutions when needed for advanced technical problems.  We partner with vision equipment providers such as Cognex, Keyence, Sick, and IFM to provide industry leading solutions from trusted suppliers.  Planning, research, and verification are essential in ensuring the right vision solution is chosen.  

For many systems noncontact product inspection eliminates unnecessary complexities of mechanical gauging components and reduces overall equipment wear.  Pattern matching and part identification allows machine vision systems to ensure that the correct component is properly positioned every time.  When used for material handling guidance, vision systems facilitate precise part locating for numerous applications including conveyor-tracking, bin-picking, and adaptive robotic movements. 

Machine vision guidance also ensures dynamic control of critical processes such as welding, adhesive dispense, and laser etching.  3D vision system applications further broaden inspection capabilities to perform simultaneous 2D and 3D vision inspections including items such as height measurement, verification of component seating, and bent-pin Inspection for electrical connections. Like all systems ATC considers each vision system is rightsized for a given application as part of the project quotation phase ensuring a custom designed solution that is robust, reliable, and easily maintainable.