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Energy Market

EnergyIn this fast-emerging market, technology and innovative concepts based around new form factors are ruling the moment. ATC utilizes its over four decades of experience in assembling various battery formats.   ATC draws on more than twenty years of direct experience in the production of highly efficient manufacturing lines and assembly cells to deliver best in class solutions for large and small cells and batteries.  

New markets are emerging at a high rate of speed. With all the major transportation companies working with differing cell technologies; capacitors, super capacitors, and energy storage formats.  Today’s companies need an automation partner that can think outside the box while limiting needless exposure to risk.  

While there are areas of core competency, ATC Automation utilizes the automation platforms appropriate to meet the demands of each customer’s requirements.  From small volumes in glove box assembly, Asynchronous Motion Assembly, Indexing Technology, Servo motion, Robotic assembly to fixed process, and data collection demands, ATC has the necessary flexibility to create an assembly solution that meets the needs for market ROI of every size and scope.

ATC’s dedicated project teams are focused not just on delivering world class results, the teams also  embrace and  understand that the machine built for you has be completed with a sense of purpose while keeping in mind clear execution.  ATC continues to advance every aspect of the assembly process whether it uses experience or requires a new proof of principle to ensure that only winning solutions are deployed at the finish line.  This is a risk averse methodology that leads to solutions which exceed our customers’ requirements ensuring risk factors are mitigated.   While all of the processes and products are too extensive to mention all,  it makes sense to touch on just a few. 

Below are a several specific product families and processes

  • Prismatic cells
  • Cylindrical cells
  • Button cells
  • Prismatic pouch
  • Capacitors
  • Super capacitors
  • Jelly roll insertion
  • Laser welding
  • Vacuum filling
  • Formation
  • Cathode handling
  • Anode handling
  • Battery Cells and Modules
  • Robotic Assembly
  • Leak detection
  • Separator handling
  • Electrode welding
  • Heat seal
  • Stacking
  • Terminals
  • Dispensing
  • Liquid electrolyte
  • Solids
  • Nicad
  • Lithium
  • Fuel Cells
  • Hydrogen
  • Aging
  • Labeling

While in no way does this represent all the systems and technologies ATC has delivered, it touches many of these products that require discrete part assembly in Robotic automation, fixed automation, and the verification systems that ensures safety and complete part traceability.  

Automation can be deployed to fasten, snap, rivet, attach, weld and inspect by machine vision by being integrated with Robotic cells or fixed automation.  Smart devices continue to advance with more sensed motion for reliability, speed, feedback, and assurance the optimization in assembly can be verified and rendered acceptable.  

Robotic Assembly

The various formats of the cells today as well as the outputs required are all unique solutions that require the rigors of product handling and quality inspection as well as safe storage.  With several types of robotic arms on the market, it is important to know the differences among them in order to select the type that best meets your needs. Categories of robots include articulated arm, polar, cylindrical, gantry, cartesian and scara (selective compliance assembly robot arm). With the vast experience at our disposal integrating simple and complex vision into our systems ATC can ensure precise placement and feedback of all process when utilizing Robotic Solutions.

Manufactures need efficient cost-effective solutions that deploy the right technology when the need is smart intelligent automation deployed for specific ROI gain and production metrics; always delivering solutions compliant with the intent of the end use.

Indexed Motion

These types of platforms are used when an assembly or inspection task requires a fixed cycle time.  These devices are readily available and carry robust mechanisms at a fairly high precision. +/- 0.04mm or +/- 0.05mm accuracy on index and consistent part to part repeatability in a variety of size and dimensions.

Clean Room 

Clean Rooms are expensive square footage and therefore the floor space the assembly equipment utilizes is also very costly.    ATC manages every opportunity to minimize footprint while keeping access safe and reasonable.  ATC Automation’s equipment is designed to your specific requirements and can be completed for the operating requirements as stringent as ISO 4, to more traditional of Class 7 and Class 8.  

Varying Products

Today’s electrification needs have more choice than ever.  ATC must deploy smart technology and high-performance metrics all in the name of improved accuracy and efficiency.  ATC can deploy high speed solutions to deliver reliable assembly at a rate the market demands, which can be essential for customers profits and market capture and suitable ROI.   Ensuring that sometimes dangerous chemistry is handled in a way that ensures operator safety as well product stability.

ATC automates  a wide range of assembly components through an ever changing technologies.  While the product development is not always optimized for assembly and testing, ATC utilizes its experiences to meet the demands of assembling the smallest components to the larger pieces in a manner that is safe and reliable.  100% of the time these components must be assembled spot on, as they are often deployed in harsh or unfriendly environments.  It is with this mindset; we deliver quality assemblies to the next operation with checks and verification before sending it for additional value to be added.  This requires the very best reliability and assurance across multiple platforms that generally have feedback loop or the collection of variable data.  

Inspection and Performance

The job is never done until the paperwork is done and rest assured ATC will provide comprehensive manuals for efficient and effective ownership during operations.  Risk Based methodology to ensure each piece of equipment can be validated to the necessary requirements of safety in the workplace keep operators safe is part of our commitment. ATC builds all of its machines to our quality system as measured by our IS0 9001- 2015 standard and work instructions.