Assembly Solutions

ATC Automation is your trusted source when it comes to providing assembly solutions.  ATC’s experience in automated, semi-automated, and manual assembly solutions is something you can trust to provide the best manufacturing solution for your production needs.  Whether addressing a  quality control issue and testing of your manually assembled product or a complete, lights-out system providing full automation, ATC Automation is the source you are seeking.  

ATC’s equipment has been integral to assemble countless mission critical components and  sub- assemblies in the world today. From a wide ranging scope in various markets: ICE (internal combustion engine) and electric powered vehicles, surgical and diagnostics medical devices, electrical and battery storage devices, to virtually every consumer product imaginable.  

ATC Automation’s engineers apply their decades of experience to ensure that assembly integrity is not only completed efficiently but verified it is assembled properly, while being sensitive to capital budget targets and ensuring a ROI.  ATC is not constrained in its ideas to a standard approach or solution.  Instead, ATC is intimately familiar with the vast landscape of automated assembly techniques.  ATC Automation will apply the best concept for your Assembly Solution and understands that there are often many ways to accomplish an assembly operation. For instance, the right pick and place motion application could be pneumatic, servo, robotic, cam-driven or linear motor. Another solution may involve selecting the right chassis for your process steps: this could be a dial table, a precision link, an LSM (Linear Synchronous Motor) platform, a pallet-transfer system or nothing at all (stationary fixtures).  You can be confident that we will select the right platform for the job and provide the best solution for the job at hand.  ATC Automation also has vast experience with precision insertion, fastening, staking, crimping, pressing, torqueing and adhesives so that after your part is assembled it stays assembled properly.

ATC is prepared to leverage our 40+ years of experience with thousands of assembly solutions to help you achieve the assembly solution you need within your budget constraints.