Dispensing Solutions

Dispensing solutions are a common part of ATC Automation’s custom assembly machines and lines for transportation products, medical devices, consumer products, Ev Motors, and energy storage products. Our assembly lines include a wide range of dispensing solutions. Examples would include thermal paste, potting compounds, thread lock, anaerobic adhesives, UV materials, activators, and special lubrications. Specialized dispensing solutions include volumetric, pneumatic, and servo-driven pump systems. Our custom systems can be mounted on a gantry, 3-Axis robot, 6-axis robot, or be a static station.  ATC Automation’s solutions can apply a single dot, filling a part’s cavity, and programmable robotic solutions that handle different patterns and part shape variants. ATC Automation’s engineered solutions dispense various types of materials onto or into metal, glass, ceramics, and plastic components. The material dispensed can use a single cartridge, pail, and drum delivery and pumps. Materials can require part pre-heating flume treatment, heat cure, or special UV curing.   Part pre-treatment allows for stronger adhesion and reduces  amount of adhesive required.  Plasma treating the surface prep or a chemical treatment can be included with any of our solutions. 

Certain adhesives require clamping, applied pressure, and hold time for curing; other systems use UV light, heaters, or ovens to cure the material.  Some special multi-compound materials require agitation and heating of the material before dispensing.  Common equipment included with our dispensing stations are precision scales for calibrating dispense amount or audit checks for weight, auto nozzle cleaners, and covers. Dispensing solutions typically include inspection verification to confirm material presence, weight, and correct bead size/shape. These inspections range from a simple UV sensor, 2D Cameras, Lasers, or 3D systems to confirm the material was applied correctly to the specified location and shape.  Inspection systems can be real time checks mounted at the nozzle to monitor bead size and height. Each application and part has its own unique challenges and requirements. Our application team will find the best solution by closely working with our customer and some the top suppliers in the industry, Nordson Grayco, Scheugenpflug, and Exact, to name a few.