Control Systems

The control system is the heart of every automation system.  It is important to have a well-planned control system that is easy for the end user to troubleshoot and maintain.  ATC Automation takes pride in providing customers with the latest technology, while at the same time providing a simple and easy to understand system that customers can support for years to come.  ATC Automation does not use any proprietary or “locked” systems that require customers to return only to ATC for support.  ATC Automation’s systems are developed with the customer’s support capabilities in mind.

Over 40+ years of history, ATC Automation has integrated a wide variety of controls platforms from the most respected names in the industry such as Allen Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, and Omron.  When ATC’s controls engineers design a project, a harmony of all of the systems involved in the assembly of the customer’s product is created.  ATC Automation fully involve the vendors of the PLCs, Robots, Visions Systems, Welders, and many other types of special systems, in order to provide the most robust and reliable system.  While ATC Automation has experience with almost all commercially available solutions, it is very easy to integrate a new product into designs.  ATC is able to do so by utilizing a detailed approach and working closely with the solution providers.  ATC Automation has installed and shipped systems all over the world and are familiar with the requirements around the globe.

Industry 4.0 and the requirements around Traceability and Data Management are also among ATC Automation’s strengths.  Over 15 years ago we developed a Traceability system including the full database and interface, and have implemented it at various customers and industries.  ATC has integrated systems utilizing the Ignition and Factory Talk platforms, along with third party packages such as ActivPlant.  ATC has also integrated many other third party systems and customer’s proprietary systems, which results in complete solutions that are familiar to our customer.