Automation Platforms

ATC’s manufacturing solutions range from initial product/process development support, to design, build and integration for Lean to Fully Automated Assembly & Test Systems. Primary Markets served are Life Science, Transportation, Energy and Consumer Goods. The machinery we design and fabricate, as well as the processes they execute, embody many years of earned know-how, directed toward the robust, sound, application of technologies and processes.

The road to success always begins by building on a solid foundation.  Choosing the right assembly platform ensures smooth processing of parts, a long service life, lower cost of ownership and a faster return on your investment.   But all platforms are not equal and there is not one platform suitable of all applications.  Which one do you choose?  You start buy bringing the opportunity to ATC and let them utilize their vast assembly automation and test experience to select the right equipment specifically for your project.

ATC does not use any “Proprietary Chassis which presents two distinct advantages:  1. The solution is based on the best available approach and technology, opposed to force fitting it to the available chassis.  2. It does not “lock” the customer into ATC or any other supplier for changes, or upgrades.  We have seen significant failures when customers have directed machine builders to “design around” a specific major commercial item that may not the best possible product for that application, or where machine builders “promote” a specific solution for all applications.

Based on commercially available assembly platforms, our engineering team develops custom solutions from the subassembly to final assembly of products.   Here are some that are routinely used both independently and with others to provide a complete assembly line.  All with proven reliability and accuracy.

  • Robotic – Robotic platforms are flexible, reconfigurable and can be used throughout the assembly line.​
  • Dial Indexers​ – Reliable and cost-effective platform in single and multi-up usage.
  • Precision Link​ – Reliable, cost effective, with efficient use of floor space in single and multi-up usage.
  • Linear Systems​ – Much like the precision link chassis but with configurable motion control.
  • Palletized Systems​ -Tooled pallets for multi component processing used in automatic and manual stations. 
  • Timing Screw Systems​ – High speed, multi-up processing of parts.
  • Lean Cells – Manual and semi-automatic processing.

All these platforms are used boost capacity and quality, while lowering production costs and reducing time to market. Whether through flexible or hard tooled applications, let ATC provide the best solution designed specifically for your application.